Essential Oil Blends


Plain + Simple

Our creamy base formula will leave your skin/hair feeling nourished and moisturized. Perfect for those who prefer fragrance-free products or have a sensitivity to essential oils. Wonderful for babies and kids. All-natural without chemicals or synthetic ingredients.


Scent Notes: flowery, herbaceous 

Essential Oils: ylang-ylang, rose, clary sage

Healing Properties:

easing tension / releasing inhibitions / supports depression treatment/ anti-inflammatory / natural aphrodisiac / eases heavy periods + PMS / relieves aches + pains/ boosts circulation/ aids digestion

Lav Potion

Scent: fresh, calming, delicate

Essential Oils: lavender, vetiver 

Healing properties:

eases acne, eczema + psoriasis/ relaxation + restful sleep /soothes muscle aches + pains/ helps to fade stretch marks, scars + burns/ emotional balance + stress relief

Mo Mint

Scent: crisp, woody, elevating 

Essential Oils: bergamot, juniper, peppermint, cypress

Healing properties:

deodorizing/ antiseptic/ antibacterial/ antiviral/ relieves headaches/ elevates low mood/ fever fighter/ aids detox/ lowers water retention/ eases kidney stone discomfort/ helps shrink varicose veins/ stimulates circulation/ ease menstrual discomfort + PMS/ soothes muscle & joint aches + pains


Scent: spicy, warm, comforting

Essential Oils: cinnamon leaf, clove, ginger 

Healing properties:

boosts circulation/ eases joint pains/ reduces skin inflammation/ loosens sore muscles/ eases joint pain/ alleviates fatigue

Sweet Sacred

Scent: earthy, sweet

Essential Oils: frankincense, patchouli, vanilla 

Healing properties:

stress + anxiety relief/ promotes positive feelings/ natural aphrodisiac/ grounding/ centering/ calms + deepens breath/ anti-inflammatory