Can people with nut allergies safely use these products?

Shea butter is produced from shea nuts, which are tree nuts. However, after being processed, the likelihood of shea butter triggering an allergic event is unlikely, yet not impossible. When in doubt, always consult with your physician before trying a new product if you suffer from allergies. Read more about shea butter and nut allergies here: https://www.anaphylaxis.org.uk/knowledgebase/shea-nuts/ 

What is the texture of TAYBUTTAH?

The texture is like whipped frosting, smooth and creamy. Please note that temperature conditions during the shipping process can slightly alter the texture. However, once scooped out of the jar, the butter will remain emollient and moisturizing. 

What is the shelf life of TAYBUTTAH?

The shelf life is up to 1 year after being received (but we promise it won’t last that long!).

How should TAYBUTTAH be stored?

Store in a cool, dry place. Keep in mind that the texture may become more firm or soft depending on the temperature.

Can I travel with TAYBUTTAH and ROLLAH in a carry-on bag (airplane)?

ROLLAH is in a container size allowed by TSA for carry-on baggage. TAYBUTTAH’s sizes are too large for carry-on travel. However, TAYBUTTAH can be scooped effortlessly into smaller TSA-approved containers OR can be wrapped and secured in checked baggage. We are working to provide a smaller jar for easier travel!

Can I use TAYBUTTAH on my hair?

Yes! Always start with a small amount first because a little goes a long way, especially for finer hair. 

Can I use TAYBUTTAH on my face?

This depends on your skin type. Always do a patch test before trying it out on your entire face.

Does TAYBUTTAH prevent/help stretch marks?

Yes! When applied daily, stretch marks and other scars can begin to fade. 

The longer a scar or mark has been on the skin, the longer it can take to fade.

Can I use the TAYBUTTAH OR ROLLAH on my baby and/or children?

Plain + Simple TAYBUTTAH is best for babies + young children. Please do your research before using any essential oils on babies/kids.

Why don’t you make products with a long-lasting fragrance?

Instead of synthetic and chemical fragrances, we use natural essential oils in our products to keep our promise of “Naturally Nourishing Body Care”. Our essential oil blends will not provide a long-lasting scent. However, the healing properties of the essential oils are working on the body long after the scent fades.


*TAYBUTTAH and ROLLAH contain natural oils that could transfer onto certain cloths and/or fabrics. We recommend taking time to rub TAYBUTTAH into your skin and waiting for at least 10 minutes for it to absorb before getting dressed. ROLLAH is applied on small areas of skin and can be gently rubbed in or allowed to absorb into skin.

*For increased moisturization, apply TAYBUTTAH when skin/hair is slightly damp. This will help seal in the moisture provided by the water.

*A little TAYBUTTAH  goes a long way! Start by using a small amount and increase as needed.

*ALWAYS use clean, dry hands to scoop TAYBUTTAH out of the jar to maintain the integrity and effectiveness of all ingredients.

*Patch test all products on a small area of your body to ensure that you won’t react adversely to any of the ingredients.